Empowering effective collaboration, communication & camaraderie!

The most requested outcome of a teambuilding activity is fun. So all our activities allow your staff or team to be comfortable to play and relax.

But sometimes, you need more than fun.

Do you want your team to work more closely?

Our unique trust building process is designed to build confidence and trust between group members so even if they are not used to working together, in a very short time most people are able to express and communicate openly and respectfully to achieve a shared purpose. These skills transfer to the work environment to collaborate more effectively in a natural way.

Do you want to increase your teams ability to communicate, respectfully?

No matter how well or poorly your team currently communicates, we have a programme of activities that will have even the toughest teams, practising effective communication without them even realising it! We call them games but they are much more important than that.

Delivering an effective teambuilding experience that brings your team closer in the workplace is a significant aim….in a fun way!

Typical programme of our team-rebuilding programme.

Assessing the current know / trust levels
We start with a quick anonymous quiz to gauge the current “know” / “trust” levels for each group member. This is repeated at the session end to reveal how much more trusting the group became in this session.

Getting to know each other team trivia quiz
This carefully designed process allows team members to start taking small risks with each other and provided each team member remains positive and respectful it allows all team members to better trust their colleagues through these activities until all members are working closely for these tasks.

Additional session topics include:

  • Learning to organise as a team
  • Learning to be vulnerable
  • Learning to communicate
  • Finding leaders
  • Task simulation as a cohesive team

Every team is different and works together in different ways and our job is to help your team collaborate more effectively.

Take a 1 day challenge or the full 6 day workshop

A 1 day workshop is an excellent choice, but for more detailed results and progress our full 6 day programme (1 day per month) is the robust solution to get your team collaborating and communicating effectively!

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