Not all beaches are the same…some beaches mean business!

Just because we set this team building activity on the beach does not mean your employees will be sitting around expecting sangria and summer sandwiches. When MC Teambuilding sets your team a task….focus, determination and initiative is everything.

Time to buy ice cream…maybe…but don’t spill my water!

We like beach locations for teambuilding. Teams arrive at the beach excited to meet each other outside of a formal office environment. Choice of clothes is more relaxed. There is time to buy a coffee and chat a little. But once the games are set…the teamwork race is on!

A little pressure to perform is healthy…

With each team competing to become the winning team, everyone puts 100% energy into making sure they are not the ones to let the team down. Each team manages to find their own dynamic athletes and to allocate the job in hand between them.

Organised perfectly!

It does not matter what size group you have, we will coordinate and organise the day program perfectly to make sure your group is motivated to have fun through each activity leading to the final challenge session.

The photos speak for themselves…a classic beach game activity is still a big favourite not just in summer but all year round!