Valletta “Wet N’ Wild” summer adventure programme!

FUN FUN FUN! If you love being a kid again…playing around in the water…these 7 great staff activities are the coolest summer fun you’ve had in a long time!

  1. Water rope swing
    With three levels of difficulty each participant can choose the level of intensity. Holding onto the rope, you swing out over the water and allowing yourself to drop into the sea. The highest level is for active adrenaline junkies only creating the biggest splash!
  2. Abseil water drop
    Remember abseiling as a child? This is another level! This deceivingly calm activity is a real challenge for many people. Learning to trust yourself, then start your descent using the rope to control your speed. Slow and steady or SAS fast. Until you run out of rope! you have no choice…let yourself drop into the sea! Different height drops available.
  3. Water level climbing
    Equipped with rock climbing shoes you can stick to the rock like a gecko, relying on your balance, calm head and stamina you will traverse at sea level the rock, into a cave and back out again. Only the most determined will succeed. The further your team travels the more points!
  4. Water zipline!
    Get clipped into the rope before running and jumping off the cliff and travel down towards the sea, your feet, your knees your waist drag through the water slowing you to a safe stop…!
  5. Cliff jump challenge
    Everyone likes to make a big splash…choose from different levels and only the bravest will jump from the highest point.
  6. Waterlining splash
    Walk the slackline over the sea. Start with a helping rope..that runs out and you are left to balance or fall!
  7. Kayaking
    This is a favourite…it seems easy…until you get over confident or a team member starts splashing you! Access parts of the Valletta coastline you can’t normally get to.
  8. Snorkel dive
    Think you know how to swim and dive? Our athlete guides will remind you and then you take on the challenge to dive down and recover points for your team!

This activity programme is best run as a staff summer challenge day. Scoring points for each activity they successfully complete. Your companies teams can choose which person they nominate to take on the challenge.

Located in the Valletta Grand Harbour your group is surrounded by the city bastions and overlooking the 3 cities.

The location has a great area suitable for a buffet lunch session on site.

Escape the workplace and discover just why Valletta truly deserves its UNESCO World Heritage City title with a day of fun, company challenges and learning in our beautiful capital. Let us be your next event organizer!