Valley Cliff Adventure (Malta – Xaqqa Cliffs)

At the beautiful location Xaqqa, the group will enjoy our activities such as kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing and SLT. This activity involves kayaking from the very beautiful Ghar Lapsi caves to the amazing Xaqqa Valley. Here you will see great rock formations, Filfla – a small, mostly barren, uninhabited islet 5 kilometres south of Malta, coral reefs and so much more! You will also have a chance to traverse horizontally the rock line above the sea. Using normal rock climbing skills participants attempt to complete the route. If the person slips or falls they land in the water below so only climbing shoes are needed. Of course, we will also include abseiling from the steep cliffs of Xaqqa Valley where the rope disappears off the edge beneath you while you lean back and do your very best to make your way down the cliff and later climb back up again!

Antonio Veraglio
Canon EOS 70D