Why choose MC Teambuilding for your next event?

MC Adventure is Malta’s leading outdoor adventure sports provider.

About MC Teambuilding

MC Teambuilding and MC Adventure is the brain child of Andrew Warrington, a passionate rock climber with 30 years’ experience. He created MC Adventure to provide professional guiding services in all the adventure sports available in Malta, Gozo and Comino, and to take people out to experience the wilder side of the Maltese Islands in safety. Our team of guides have extensive experience in organising individual and group activities around our rugged and beautiful countryside. Our guides are all qualified for the sports they lead and have extensive experience in the field.

Organising team building activities

We take care of all aspects of your team building activities to ensure that all you have to do is let us know your objectives and budget, select the group who will be attending and agree on the meeting point. From then on it will be up to us to ensure that the activity is challenging yet enjoyable for each participant as well as rewarding for your company and management in achieving improvements in motivation, teamwork and individual performance at the place of work.

Activity pricing

Our team building activities can be booked for small groups from 2 participants upwards, including large groups of 100 or more. Pricing will depend on the number of participants, activities chosen, duration of the activity and goals of the organisation in conducting the activity. We will provide a comprehensive quote and outline of the activity when you get in touch.

Why choose MC Teambuilding?

As Malta’s leading outdoor adventure sports provider we are experts in bringing teams together to provide your company with a fun, rewarding and productive team building or incentive event in the great outdoors.

We are committed to going over-and-above for our customers, which is reflected in our feedback. Our years of team adventure experience and knowledge means we are unique in being able to provide one-of-a-kind events that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Whatever your wishes are, we can make them come true. We are experts in innovating and creating one-of-a-kind extraordinary events.

Ziplining alongside the Grand Harbour in the Baroque capital city of Valletta, freefall jumping from iconic bridges, breath-taking coastal treks, kayaking in the azure waters or learning to climb on one of Malta’s spectacular crags are just a selection of the activities we can offer.

There is nothing like a day spent in the great outdoors with our first-class guides to reward, revive and rejuvenate!

Our team building activities are more than just a fun day out, offering real value through interactive experiences and learnings. Taking teams out of the office environment and setting fun challenges that require them to strategise, think creatively and work together can be just the boost and motivation they need.

Our Adventure Treasure Quests, Team Building Games and Bushcraft Challenges are just some of the activities we can organise to put teams to the test!

Throughout the activities the team will be guided and encouraged by our experienced guides and facilitators, building on their motivation, communication, confidence, inter-personal relations and problem solving skills. We can also have our team psychotherapists work with you during the event to offer guidance and coaching to your team on working to the best of their abilities.

We ensure everyone goes home with a great sense of achievement, having practised and improved their team working skills and acquired the experience and tools to overcome challenges back in the office, all the while having a great day out!

Some Numbers
Years of business
We started off a one man show, we must be doing something right!
Separate activities
There is no time to twiddle our thumbs, we got happy people to take out on amazing activities!
From private one-to-one events to large public activities, the number of people finding out about us gets larger and larger!
Rock climbing

Al types of rock climbing including, beginner, sport, trad, traversing and bouldering.

Team building games

Ideally played on sand, grass or indoors these games encourage problem solving teamwork.

Custom events

We can find the perfect mix for your activity, on-board a boat, deep in woodland, inside an old castle, on a remote island, we can make your event extra special!

Treasure hunts

Where will the hunt take you? What will you find? Will you be the winner? Ooh we like a good mystery!


Do you have the guts to leap off the edge! Flying through the air like a bird on a wire!


You think it will be easy do you! Go on smart Alec…show us your best!


Someone said this was fun! Lean back and pray that the rope holds!

Beach games

Finally an excuse to play in the sand…who took my spade?!


You want me to to do what! I better not get wet or you are in deep trouble!


Who said men are better cooks?….I am a secret chef you know…


Now this is what I’m talking about….time to un-wind and enjoy my friends…

Sea level traversing

My nails are not going to last 5 minutes…get out of my way slow coach..I’m on a mission!

Tree planting

Am I the only one that thinks we should plant more trees…?

Clean ups

It looks like hard work…but actually…I cannot believe how much rubbish we collected! I would do this again.


Anyone see a shark? I don’t care how small it is, I’m no shark bait!


Does my bum look good on this seat :-p

Mind challenges

This looked easier…I better find a brainy person to help me with this one…

CSR activities

Helping a worthy cause…now that’s both satisfying and fun at the same time!

Ice breakers

Hello, my name is Doris…How long have we been working together…?


OMG I did not know this place existed…what an amazing view!


Race against time…race against each other…race against myself…all is possible!

Role playing

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest…

Memory games

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I remembered it!

How to's

It was supposed to look like the picture! Haha!

Our Team

MC Adventure is a small guiding company that brings together athletes from a number of adventure sport disciplines. All our guides are passionate about our extreme sports and experienced in sharing our knowledge with others.

Safety is a priority for all sports activities. We provide all safety gear and equipment.

Andrew Warrington

Managing Director and adventure guide

Peter Benkoczky

Adventure guide and events coordinator

Matthew Manderson

Adventure guide and events coordinator

Sarah Duff

Team building and events coordinator

Roland Sultana

Adventure guide

Marek Pražák

Adventure guide and events coordinator

Fergus Darlow

Adventure guide

Aylwyn Bromhead

Adventure guide

Kurt Caligari

Adventure guide


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