Island Treasure Quest (Comino, Malta)

In the morning we would set sail aboard a wooden ketch to Comino, the small island situated between Malta and Gozo noted for its tranquillity and isolation.

On arrival in Comino the group will be split into teams, given their instructions before the starting pistol starts and the quest is on! Everyone heads off in different directions, searching for hidden treasures and challenges, solving cryptic clues as they go.

The groups will have to visit several parts of the island in their quest for the elusive treasure and take on our various challenges such as sea level traversing, abseiling, kayaking and snorkelling – at least one member of each team must brave each of the challenges, so choosing the right person for each particular challenge will be paramount! At the conclusion of the quest, the treasure is counted and the winning team announced and handed their prize!

After lunch the group will have plenty of time for swimming, relaxing and reminiscing over the morning’s adventure before sailing back to Malta.