Pub or no pub…quiz night is on!

The idea is simple…the rewards are greater, adult colleagues love the chance to escape the workplace to just relax and socialise together. This teamwork bonding activity ticks this box and more…

Current affairs or general knowledge?

Just for fun..nothing personal. We will collate a collection of creative questions that challenge all your team…the answers are usually on the tip of their tongue, can they write down the correct answer in time? Questions about brands, sports, countries, news, nature and more.

Company facts and fun?

Corporate quizes are ideal for more formal situations like company days out and we mix the questions from facts to trivia. What year was the company founded? How many windows on the second floor? How many employees does the company have? What is our best selling service?

Staff secrets?…no problem!

Getting personal allows your group to discover fascinating facts about their adult colleagues: Who used to be a famous singer? Which colleague has 8 siblings? Can you name the person who has lived in the most countries? Which staff member is allergic to chocolate!

Let us know the style of quiz you think is best or motivational for your group and we’ll get to work on delivering a rewarding puzzling teamwork activity!